The drivers remain the greatest assets in any haulage business. They are imperative to the survival of every haulage concern. Having identified this, we have a specially packaged Developmental Program themed the “SUPER DRIVER” which is intended to change the attitude and mindset of our drivers; towards making them our true ambassadors.

Our recruitment process is rigorous.  Our Safety Department conducts a competence test for the drivers while our Admin Department conducts  comprehensive background checks on the drivers before they are allowed to commence work.

Our drivers are well paid, with performance related incentives. This makes the turnover rate of the drivers highly minimal.

Our Processes
Our well defined and outlined organizational processes have been one of the reasons why we are thriving despite the huge challenges peculiar with haulage in Nigeria. Processes covering human resources, accounting, operations etc. have been properly defined. In order to achieve process efficiency, we have also adopted information technology in the areas of accounting, inventory management etc.
Technology plays a great role in our desire to ensure peace of mind for our stakeholders. We adopt technologies such as speed limiters and tracking devices on each of the trucks in our fleet. With the trackers, it becomes much easier to monitor the locations of the trucks as well as the performances of the drivers while the speed limters ensure that the drivers do not go beyond the standard speed limit set by the company for safety of people and goods
Effective Monitoring
Our operating structure allows for very close monitoring of our trucks. We have a team of Fleet Officers who directly report to the company Fleet Manager. Each Fleet Officer manages up to 10 trucks in the company and as such, downtime is very minimal.
Safety Standard
We are committed to the highest standard of safety in our operations.  Our Safety Department is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring adherence of trucks, Fleet Officers and drivers to safety guidelines stipulated by the regulatory agencies and our clients.

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