Our wealth of experience is a major resource for any one interested in going into haulage business in Nigeria. We are well positioned to consult for interested investors or for ailing haulage businesses. Our services are detailed and will prevent you from making errors which may lead to teething problems in your haulage business.

Our consulting services  in the area of trucking services include:

Investment Decision
Which truck is most suited for the haulage work you plan to do? What is your expected ROCE? How can you minimise your initial capital outlay?
Operating Decisions
How best should you structure your operations to maximise your investment and reduce your risks? What type of contracts should you go for? What safety measures should you put in place to protect your invesment? What insurance cover do you need? etc.
Financing Decision
What kind of capital mix is ideal for your haulage business? How do you manage working capital? How can you maximise your ROI?

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