Our subcontracting service is an alignment strategy which was introduced in response to the avalanche of challenges that confront many investors in the haulage business in Nigeria.

We partner with subcontractors, most of whom are in paid employment, to ensure that their investments in haulage remain sustainable. Our subcontractors are independent persons or companies which have trucks that are engaged under our umbrella. We do not manage subcontractor trucks, rather, we mentor subcontractors to set up their own mini-structures to effectively manage their investments.


  • We ensure that subcontractor trucks are never idle because of lack goods to haul;
  • We provide free consultancy, advice and mentorship to subcontractors;
  • We monitor and analyse subcontractors’ investments and ensure they breakeven within the expected period;
  • We support in working capital by providing AGO to our subcontractors on credit and at a competitive market price;
  • We provide a secured trailer park for all trucks, including subcontractors’;
  • We keep records of all transactions done by the trucks, on our automated system; both Revenue & Expense. Subcontractors receive their statements weekly;
  • We support subcontractors where they need to invest in acquiring additional trucks into their fleet.


We have a standard agreement that details the responsibilities of each party under our subcontracting scheme. Some of these details include:


  • Staffing: The Sub-contractor shall employ and notify the Empirical of his key representatives which shall include a manager and a driver/Motor boy per truck.
  • Repair of Trucks: Subcontractor shall be involved in ensuring the timely repair of his truck in order to minimise idle time.
  • Condition of Truck(s): The Sub-contractor shall ensure that the truck(s) under this agreement are always kept and maintained in good working condition by employing prompt preventive and corrective maintenance culture.
  • Dispatch: The Sub-contractor shall be responsible for arranging the dispatch (road expense, driver’s wage and loading expense) of his truck(s).
  • Goods in Transit: The Sub-contractor shall take absolute responsibilities for the goods being transported by his truck(s).


  • Sourcing of Haulage Jobs: Empirical shall ensure it is able to secure jobs to enable effective utilization of Sub-contractor’s truck(s), thereby reducing idle time, provided the truck is in a good working condition.
  • Processing of Waybills: Empirical shall process all waybills of jobs completed by the Sub-contractor’s trucks for invoicing/payment.
  • Periodic Statement: We are obliged to render periodic statements to the Sub-contractors, at least once in a week.
  • Payment: Based on agreement, Empirical shall make payments directly into subcontractor’s registered account on our system.