Our subcontracting service was designed for persons who are in paid employments or who have their own line of business, separate from trucking, but who also desire to earn additional income from haulage, without being fully involved in the business.

Our subcontracting service allows independent truck owners to register their trucks to work with our trade name. Under this arrangement, our responsibility is to ensure that subcontractor trucks are well optimised in order to maximise return on investment to the subcontractors.

Unlike the industry practice, we do not manage subcontractor trucks. We rather mentor subcontractors to own their processes in  order for them to develop some skin in the business.

Our subcontracting service has been a huge success for the following reasons:

We run a very transparent relationship with our subcontractors. Subcontractors are major stakeholders in our business value chain. Every quarter, we organize a stakeholder forum where all stakeholders, including our subcontractors, meet and discuss salient and fundamental issues concerning the business.
Timely Payment
Upon invoicing our corporate clients, our subcontractors are notified through their statements, on the payment dates for each of their invoiced waybills. We ensure that payments are made on the specified dates, even where our clients are yet to pay us.
We support subcontractors in the areas of fuelling, credit advance, and issuance of materials such as tyres, engine oil, gear oil etc. from our store, all on credit. Our subcontractors enjoy our supplier network, to get reasonable supplier credit.
We guide our subcontractors on their investments. Our objective is to ensure that they maximise their return on investment, without much mistakes. 
Shared Services
Our subcontractors enjoy some of our shared services without bothering to invest in same. These include: Insurance policies (GIT, Fidelity Guaranty, Workmen Compensation Insurances), well secured trailer park , Company Engineers (Mechanics, Panel beaters Vulcanisers etc.). This largely reduces overhead cost for our subcontractors.

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