Our Vision
A proudly Nigerian company of international repute combining high quality and standards in service delivery.
Our Mission
To provide efficient & reliable delivery services of goods and packages for corporate customers, leveraging on well trained and highly motivated workforce, efficiently streamlined processes & cutting edge technologies.
Our Core Values
  • Safety: This is our mantra. Our entire operation revolves around ensuring the highest standard of safety

  • Customer Focus: Without our clients, we cannot be in business. At Emprical, we channel all energy at ensuring that our customers are delighted.

  • Transparency: We do not take effective and sincere communication with our clients and partners for granted.

  • Responsiveness: We are structured to respond to issues & challenges concerning our service delivery in a minimum possible time. Becuase we know that clients expect timely delivery of their goods, we do not take “Responsiveness” to issues for granted.

Our Operating Structure
Our structure provides for effective monitoring of the operations of our fleet, avoiding and minimizing downtime.

Our Fleet Management Team monitors the daily operations of the drivers and trucks. They ensure that the trucks are optimized to the benefit of both the client and the company. In order to ensure effective monitoring of the drivers/trucks, a fleet officer is assigned to every 5 trucks.

Our Safety Department ensures that proper routine audit is carried out on the trucks in order to proactively identify and prevent major faults on the trucks that may lead to a prolonged breakdown. This department ensures that our safety policies are strictly adhered to by each truck before they are allowed to transport customers’ goods.

Our Technical Team handles all repair works on our trucks. Our value of “responsiveness” means idle time for trucks must be at the bearest minimum. We have experienced mechanical engineers who handle all repairs and maintenance works on the vehicles. Thus, our turnaround time for maintenance of vehicles is highly commendable.

The Protocol Department handles all recruitment and training of drivers. They also hanlde issues such as processing of vehicle documents, management of law enforcement agents, background checks on drivers and other miscelleneous operational functions.

The Client Engagement Team handles all activities at the point of loading and offloading. This team interfaces regularly with the client and ensures clients’ needs are met on time.

Our Profile

The desire to create a difference in an industry that is highly unstructured and awashed with fringe and unstructured players led to the formation of Empirical Logistics Limited by the management team having completed their Executive MBA programmes from the prestigious Lagos Business School in 2009. Our objective is to create value to the Supply Chain of organizations by removing the common hassles attached to movement of goods from one point to the other in Nigeria.

Empirical Logistics Limited started operations in January 2010 as a registered logistics company focusing on servicing companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. We boast of a fleet size of about 50 articulated trucks, with tonnages ranging between 30-tons & 45-tons.

 Our strategy revolves around 4 fundamental principles of: SAFETY, RESPONSIVENESS, TRANSPARENCY and CUSTOMER FOCUS. Every day, we think of how to improve on these core values in the delivery of seamless haulage services to our select clientele.

As our name implies, we strive to combine empirical methods with practical hands-on field experiences in the delivery of our services to our select clientele, all of whom put a huge emphasis on professionalism.

Our annual revenue has grown about 400% between 2010 and 2014. Our workforce has grown from about 20 in 2010 to over 100 direct and indirect staff as at 2015. We have equally increased our fleet size from just 10 in 2010 to over 50 in 2015. In line with our 10 years Transformation Plan, we are focused on attaining a fleet size of 100 trucks by Q3 of 2016. As at today, we service 4 big manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

We strongly believe that we will do much better in coming years as the company has traversed its learning curve and is now on its way to properly scale its operations.

 In 2014, Empirical Logistics was among the few Nigerian medium sized companies shortlisted to participate in the Stanford University SEED Program for Developing Economies in West Africa. The 6 months intensive program which held in Ghana was focused on supporting participating businesses to scale their operations to the benefits of their economies.